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59B7B14B-3C7C-4052-ABE7-A2B79A44DB76We added a drop down menu for “Other Projects”  The folks at Label Fantastic! are multitasking, multidisciplinary artists, and between making albums you can often find them wearing other interesting hats in their communities.  So come here for the music, stay for the other arts and projects!  Catch some shows!  Buy some historic-themed t-shirts!  Listen to podcasts!  So much to do and see adjacent to Label Fantastic!

Wax Mannequin’s “The Red Brain”

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Have you checked out Wax Mannequin’s “The Red Brain”, yet?  Want to hear a silver lining in the form of songs that reflect a brilliant neurodiverse human who was creating and performing weekly during a global pandemic, while holding down the fort with his beautiful family?  Planting seeds, and telling stories, wearing masks and strumming a guitar in his pantry while distorted coloured videos flashed across his face and body?  Leave it to Wax Mannequin to make something so special during such a trying time.  Find your way to one of his shows, soon.  We’ve listed some of the dates below!  He’s playing most (or all) of the new record at all of his upcoming shows, many of which are with a giant magical band.  Find him!  Don’t miss him!  And grab his record at

Upcoming shows:


Hey friends!  There were many wonderful release dates so far this fall, including a VERY exciting show in Waterloo with the RHEOSTATICS, and there’s still a few shows left!  See the dates below!  More dates will be announced soon, stay tuned to the page or head over and follow Bird City on facebook

Winnowing tour poster












October 28th: Heritage Hall (Guelph) w/ Scott Merritt

November 5th: The Burdock (Toronto) w/Sandro Perri

November 18th: House Show (Meaford) w/Culture Reject (solo)

November 24th: Maxwells (Waterloo) w/ Rheostatics

November 25th: The Casbah (Hamilton) w/ Eiyn Sof & Mayor Mcca

December 9th: La Catalina, Peterborough w/ Joyful Joyful and Old Haunt

December 10th: Pressed, Ottawa w/ Krista Muir

December 22ND: “Winter Spectacular”, London ON w/ Luka, Construction & Destruction & more

December 23rd: Phog Lounge, Windsor ON w/ Henry Adam Svec

January 13th: Greenbank Folk Music Society, Greenbank ON w/ Scott Merritt