Out Today! Tyson’s “Casio Fiasco”, co released with Guelph recording dream team “Little Room Labs”

4_Panel_1_PocketWe are really REALLY excited for this one.  Label Fantastic! has been pretty lucky with the beautiful variety of artists we’ve managed to collect – recent releases have ranged from the computer-generated country-folk of Henry Svec’s project “Livingston”, to the perfect pop orchestration of Pink Moth to the lush and swooping Canadian landscape of Man Meets Bear.  But Label Fantastic!’s inaugural artist Jenny Omnichord has been getting kind of lonely over in the synths and keyboards department.  Until NOW.  May we present you with “Tyson” a one-man-keyboarding-pop sensation.  Known primarily for his exceptional powers with a gameboy, this album brings Tyson to a whole new level of keyboard domination and pop production.  It’s a treasure, he’s a treasure, and we are so pleased to get to team up with Little Room Labs for our second co-release together.  Do you guys know how coveted the music is that’s coming out of Little Room Labs?  Every little indie label in the area would LOVE to get to throw their names on the magic that comes out of that studio, and as soon as the music hits the streets the big labels will be chasing them too.   We definitely know how lucky we are.

TODAY, Tyson will release his debut album, casio fiasco, on hand-printed compact disc. the celebrations will begin with a pizza party. then our dear friends blimp rock, fresh back from their european tour, will dish out a fine set + powerpoint presentation. the newly assembled tyson trio, featuring steph yates on bass and dan paillé on the kit, will then cap off this early evening affair. this is going down at silence, 46 essex st, guelph. details here. join us, why dontcha.

CASIO FIASCO is LRL06, co-presented by us over here at label fantastic! be prepared to fall in love with this album’s multi-coloured strange-pop landscape. tyson has really pulled up his studio socks with this one, showing off his reverberating ankles and his keen sense of sonic adventure. you’ll sink with him to mean, dark places; you’ll dance with him through the neon fog of anxiety; you’ll float with him to soft, pink cloud castles.

to preview some tracks from the album (available online next week), check out tyson’s interview with chelsea of THE FLANNEL HOUR : TUES AUG 05 2014, 3 PM.