About Us

WHO WE ARE *(please see also ‘Who We Aren’t')

Label Fantastic! is a record label collective, the brainchild of Canadian musicians and artists Jenny Omnichord, Mathias Kom, Wax Mannequin and Gillian Manford. Label Fantastic! is a small and dedicated collective of folks that still believe in independent music after all these years and want to support great musicians in every aspect of their careers – from the recording and manufacturing of unique albums, to distribution and tour management.

WHAT’S SO FANTASTIC, ANYWAY? (a Label Fantastic! manifesto)

* Label Fantastic! is fantastic because it is run by working musicians – people who are uniquely poised to know what they’re talking about when it comes to, well, music.

* Label Fantastic! is not about discovering and rocketing to stardom the newest 17 year old harpsichord-playing singer/songwriter prodigy or the latest band with tight pants that the press insists on describing as ‘edgy’. We are simply about supporting great, hardworking independent musicians, no matter what type of pants they wear, and hey, that’s good enough for us.

* Label Fantastic! believes in working with other artists, not for them. That’s why everything for us is a team effort. There is no such thing as a free lunch, but you can think of Label Fantastic! as a particularly kind and helpful lunch-lady who might once have been a member of a union in the old country and recalls those days with at least a bit of nostalgia.

* Label Fantastic! likes all kinds of music, except for bad music, and we reserve the exclusive right to decide the difference between good and bad for ourselves and not have you wagging your little fingers at us about it.

* Label Fantastic! is not about competing with other independent labels. We like other independent labels a lot, actually, and some of us even release albums on them! This is not competition, since after all, we are all salmon swimming up the same old stream. We just want to spawn!

* Label Fantastic! believes in taking metaphors one step too far.

* Label Fantastic! says that whatever format music is presented on, it shouldn’t just sound great – it needs to look great too. That’s why every Label Fantastic! release will feature unique and often handmade artwork, and will usually also come with a little bonus for the happy music lover, such as comics, games, photos, posters and more.

* Label Fantastic! thinks that when it comes to selling records, it’s the independent retailers and the musicians themselves that matter most. That’s why we have personal relationships with only the best independent record stores across the country as well as digital boutique stores like Zunior.com. And when you buy a Label Fantastic! release, you can smile a happy smile, knowing that a bigger percentage than usual of your hard-earned dollars has gone to support the musicians that made the record and the independent store itself – that’s because we have no separate distribution company taking a bite out of sales, leaving 100% of the delicious moneyapples to be eaten by the people who need them most.

* Speaking of moneyapples, Label Fantastic! is hungry for them. And we bet that you would like to give us a couple of yours to help us put out some great records! Are we right about that? Then become a member of the Label Fantastic! team today!


Have you noticed all those giant Label Fantastic! ads on the sides of buses lately? Have you been over to our newly renovated mansion and lounged in our golden hot tub filled with champagne, paid for by the fruits of our music empire? No? That’s because none of that exists. We are not rich. We are, in fact, somewhat poor. All this is to say: Label Fantastic! loves good music, but please don’t send us yours. We are sure it is excellent, but we are not in a position to accept demos from anyone. If you have read the manifesto, you probably already understand the reasons for this, but it bears repeating: don’t send demos. If it is meant to be, we will find you. We are clever like that.