Tyson Brinacombe is pop music.

With Jeff Lynne’s production, Paul McCartney’s knack for melody, Beck’s sense of humour, and David Byrne’s stage presence, there’s no doubt this kid’s going far.

Imagine the opening scene of Stop Making Sense with a dressed-down-man in a Mothers of Invention shirt plugging in his Gameboy console instead of Byrne with his boombox.

CASIO FIASCO is LRL06, co-presented by us over here at label fantastic! be prepared to fall in love with this album’s multi-coloured strange-pop landscape. tyson has really pulled up his studio socks with this one, showing off his reverberating ankles and his keen sense of sonic adventure. you’ll sink with him to mean, dark places; you’ll dance with him through the neon fog of anxiety; you’ll float with him to soft, pink cloud castles.


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