I am SUPER pleased to announce these two new releases.

One is a once-in-a-label-lifetime type of fantastical release, a compendium of 24 songs and beautiful art pieces that attempt to render a portrait to illustrate the mythological legendary “Mulagi”

One is a beautiful vinyl from one of my favourite bands from the BLOCKS Recording club era in my teen years.

We get to release a book/album about a legend, and an album FROM a legend.  This is a magical day.

Here’s some info about each – I hope your day is as great as mine is now!  Try to make it out to a release show near you!

The Ecstasy and the Void: an introduction to the Occult of Mulagi - The White Funz

hank_showers_FRONTPublication Studios Guelph and Ecstasy and the Void_Promo-picLabel Fantastic! are proud to co- present The Ecstasy and the Void: An Introduction to the Occult of Mulagi, the world’s first compendium of the apocryphal lore and mystery surrounding the Serbian folk-hero, Mulagi. Sayings, fragments of stories, and unearthed poems have been brought to life in twenty-four original artworks by twenty-four original artists from across the globe. Having brought the folk history of the British Isles to life with the popular Devon Folklore Tapes series, Scotland’s The White Funz were hired to score an original soundtrack, coming full circle to unite the artworks and written words of Mulagi. Twenty years in the making, this unforgettable release is both challenging and rewarding, comforting and perplexing. But as it has been said since time immemorial: To pass across the desert, streams turn to mist. To find a way to Mulagi, desist, desist, desist.

Pick up a copy of this beautiful book and cassette volume at the Kazoo! Showcase Friday October 30th @ Ebar, Guelph

Showers of Happiness - Hankhank_showers_FRONT

hank_showers_FRONThank_showers_FRONT‘Showers of Happiness’ is the 4th album by Hank following on from 2009′s ‘The Luck of the Singers’ (Blocks Recording Club). Mixed and mastered in Kitchener, Ontario by Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub) with sleeve and label artwork by his daughter Rowan Blake. 14 pop songs, 38 minutes. Featuring Lex Vaughn (Lesbians on Xstacy), Magali Meagher (The Phonemes), Chris Cummings (Marker Starling), Tara Azzopardi (The Pining) and many more!

 Pick up a copy of the vinyl at their release show this Sunday October 25th @ Jane Bond, Waterloo