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It has been over twenty years since we’ve received an album from Guelph based musician and Producer Stormpath (Rebecca/Rex Simpson), but Guelph underground indie music fans will be no stranger to Rebecca’s rich history. In the late 90’s, musical collaborations with video-game-soundtrack/indie-pop legend Jim Guthrie were the beginnings of Rebecca’s musical journey. For a stretch of time in 1999-2001, all the best all-ages house or basement shows would be headlined by “The Mudpuddles” a four piece of high school friends featuring Rebecca, Evan Gordon (SLEDD), Andrew Collins (AMC Gremlin) and Mike Von Dehn. Rebecca was a contributor to the stunningly beautiful (and maybe only played live once) trio of “Red Die #5” (featuring Geordie Gordon), Mudpuddles evolved and expanded to include Stewart Gunn for one legendary release as “Hamburger Hotdog”, and finally Simpson set out and became “Robot Drama” a culmination of Rebecca’s incredible talents, a timeless and truly perfect record, released on Die! Venom records, a Toronto indie-label featuring artists such as Sea Snakes, Heidi Hazelton, Rockets Red Glare, and I am Robot and Proud. Robot Drama was a favourite to everyone who followed Rebecca’s music, but was not often performed publicly, and Rebecca became something of an enigma. Music remained a part of Rebecca’s life, but that life expanded to include navigating addiction, and parenthood (Rebecca is a solo-parent to four young children). Throughout this complicated period of Rebecca’s history, outside the public eye, bit by bit pieces of Rebecca’s own music have been recorded, collaborations have formed with other incredible artists like Cambridge punk/electronic legend Matthew Davey, and Rebecca is slowly navigating a return to public performance.

Rebecca returned to Guelph this past year, beautiful family in tow, and the time was finally right to let us all hear what had become the music of Stormpath. This is the first public release of Stormpath, and Rebecca’s first in over twenty years, but the recording spans more than fifteen years.









Stormpath’s Prometheus Found:

These are love songs. They are songs of wounded hearts and the quests that the soul undertakes to heal those hearts.

Recorded between 2007 and 2023, the e.p. is a weaving together of lyrics and melodies, beats and threads of stories, over time.
Featuring additional vocals on Gathering by Matthew Davey (Conductor Electronic).

Mastered by Steve Clarkson (Bias Ply)
Prometheus Found will be followed shortly by a second instalment, Prometheus Freed.

“creepiness has rarely felt so endearing.” CRAIG DUNSMUIR, Exclaim PUBLISHED JUN 23, 2002 re: Rebecca Simpson’s “Robot Drama”

Insta: @rebecca.stormpath

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