May album release shows!

 Jenny Omnichord May shows!


Spring is finally looking likely to stick around for a bit!  Though it did snow today.  But…it’s sticking around in that productive “Get it done” kind of way, and it is leading to a lot of lovely and content looking people wandering the streets.  And I am feeling equally content and excited because my close-to-home album release parties are almost here!  I am playing three shows with Language Arts – a FANTASTIC dreamboat of a band from Toronto who are releasing a brand new music video at the shows.  The three shows are these:

Wednesday May 1st at the Casbah, Hamilton

Thursday May 2nd at the Piston, Toronto

Saturday May 4th at Ed Video, Guelph

And I am also hoping to line up an Ottawa show for May 24th so me and my dear friend Kris Demeanor can FINALLY share a bill.  Fingers crossed for that.  And I am playing the “One Man Band” festival in Montreal on May 25th!  Below, you can click on any or all of the event links, and in real life you can COME to these shows!  That’s my favourite part.  Here’s the little press release we put together:

“Days of Hard Drives: Excavating Ten Years of Jenny Omnichord”

This year marks the tenth year of Jenny Omnichord!  So to celebrate she learned to silk screen, dug through the ancient hard drives, and put together a twenty track collection of cover songs, rarities, and previously unreleased material.  There’s a duet about school bus driving featuring fellow school bus driver Richard Laviolette.  There are songs about “table scoring” and hot dogs restaurants.  There are covers by such celebrated artists as The Guess Who, the Pixies, and Construction and Destruction.  There is even an educational song about Ice Worms, so highly regarded it is featured in the Wikepedia article “Ice Worms in Culture”.  If ten years has taught Jenny anything it’s how to set up quickly, play first, and be pretty darn charming.

“Jenny is restless, endlessly inventing and reinventing herself, as a Brother, a bass player, a bus driver, you name it, and she never, ever sits still…She makes things happen, and likewise, things tend to happen when she’s around. There’s no one better to have on your team.”  - Mathias Kom, Cross-Canada tour companion,  & bandmate in “The Burning Hell”

“An old Canadian song When the Iceworms Nest Again, jokes about how cold it is in northern Canada. (Titles vary, using “iceworms,” “ice worms” and “ice worm.”) There is a different song of the same name by the Canadian group Jenny Omnichord, which is highly factually accurate.” - From the Wikepedia Entry “Ice Worms in Culture”

Event links:




Montreal (One Man Band Festival)

If you can’t make it to a show, you can order the album here