Two MORE releases! The Barmitzvah Brothers, and Pauly and the Blowbots!

We are VERY pleased to announce that we have released the NEW album from the recently reunited Barmitzvah Brothers!  Similar to Jenny Omnichord’s album of duets for Otis, Jenny wanted a special album to welcome her second baby into the world.  Over the course of a week, Jenny, Geordie, John, and Tristan reunited at Andy Magoffin’s House of Miracles in London Ontario to record “Growing Branches”, a series of songs celebrating the music of the Barmitzvah Brothers as well as babies, mothers, little sisters and older brothers.  The album celebrates ten years since their first record, and 11 years since the band formed.  It is also the 11th release on Label Fantastic!, officially coming out through us on 11/11/11.  We saved it for a perfect date (though in timely fashion, it was officially released through Zunior on baby Arrow’s birthday, September 16th 2011.  Welcome to the world little Arrow!

We are also releasing the new and incredible Pauly and the Blowbots album “Stone Boner” this month!  Paul Almond is amazing – on this record he is backed by the Blowbots, who are Richard Laviolette on drums, and Jenny Mitchell on bass.  The music is like a punk version of Daniel Johnson.  It’s a hi-fi recording of a low-fi basement band.  There are songs about nymphs, diarrhea, dragons and dinghies.

Look for both of them in “the shop”