Wax’s new album! Jenny tours west! Burning Hell going for a World Record!

There are some delightfully enjoyable things happening for our friends this summer.

As we speak, our dear Mathias and his band the Burning Hell are in the process of setting a world record.  They are trying to play 10 shows in 10 countries in 24 hours.  It’s really true.  I have no idea what point they’re at at this moment because I can’t do the time zone math in my head, but you can read about it here: https://www.facebook.com/theburninghell They are also making a documentary of the experience.

Our incredibly prolific and endlessly touring Wax Mannequin is putting out a new record!  And touring all over this summer.  There was a lovely write-up in Exclaim! that includes a track from his upcoming release.  Read the article here: http://exclaim.ca/News/wax_mannequin_announces_new_album_canadian_summer_tour

His tour dates are in the article, and are also featured alongside Jenny Omnichord’s on our Upcoming Shows page

Jenny Omnichord is headed west again!  The first time in two years, and her first tour with little baby Arrow.  Our favourite little boy Otis will be spending the better part of the month swimming in a swimming pool, getting a good and consistent school-compatible sleep schedule and learning to draw with a real pencil (instead of just with a finger on an ipad) courtesy of his grandma in Sudbury.  Little Arrow is earning her little wings, ambling across the country in an RV, then flying home.  A couple of festivals, lots of shows, and hopefully the Ground Hog museum.  Thanks to Joey and Spherical Productions for all your tour-booking incredibleness!  See the schedule on the Upcoming shows page, or on the Jenny Omnichord page.

Henry Svec is playing songs from Folk Songs of Canada Now at Home County Folk Festival this year!  You should probably go if you can make it to London.  More details here: http://www.homecounty.ca

Jenny is working on a Pauly and the Blowbots music video!  We’ll try to figure out how to post it when it’s done.  If you can make it to the Guelph Arts Platform’s “Invent #2″ you can witness its debut screening!  Regardless, you should check out the Guelph Arts Platform (http://guelphartsplatform.ca) they’re up to some wonderful things.

J.J. Ipsen is growing his fabulous reputation as the best guy you could have in your band.  Recent projects have seen him producing Jessy Bell Smith’s record, playing with Octoberman, and I even heard a rumour he’s going to be playing some stuff with Jim Guthrie.  Jim Guthrie!  All this, AND he bought a house!

We love these friends, and we hope you can cross paths with some this summer!  We’d love to see you!