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Press Photo #2 - 06032015Toronto based corporation Blimp Rock Enterprises (BRE) has recently hired four individuals (Peter Demakos, Claire Whitehead, Emma Tollefsen and Stephen Callahan) to form a marketing team to raise hype and finance for a music festival. This festival will take place in a blimp floating over Lake Ontario. For their assignment, the team has formed a band known as “Blimp Rock” to promote the festival through joke-based, sentimental pop music, as well as raise the $700 000 required through merchandise sales and touring. In addition to the marketing team’s sales, BRE will be generating revenue from returns on investments in vintage office supplies such as rolodexes, fax machines and floppy discs. For more information, including an F.A.Q, please visit

a1267572253_2As both a band and marketing team, Blimp Rock has focused its funding goals on releasing albums as a relatively unheard of Southern Ontario band. In perhaps their most desperate cry for attention to date, the team has prepared a new album entitled Sophomore Slump to be released April 7, 2015. Despite the easy ironic humour suggested by the name, Sophomore Slump was born of a legitimate fear amongst the marketing team of succumbing to the dreaded second album hump. After the runaway success of their single “Lake Ontario Lifeguards (L.O.L.)”, which BlogTO called a “listenable anthem for the city of Toronto,”; expectations ran high at the BRE offices for a follow-up to “raise the blimp” even higher. Add to that the constantly overhanging pressure to raise $700K and it becomes clear just how much stress there was to deliver. In the end, it was an old German proverb: “they say that which is only done once / ought not to be done at all” that inspired Blimp Rock to persist with a second album, even if its members couldn’t write a song better than L.O.L. In full embrace of this mindset (and much to the chagrin of the BRE head office) the team called the record Sophomore Slump and the result is a light-hearted, endlessly entertaining feast of melodic goods; equal parts weird, silly and endearing. Will they ever surpass the hype of L.O.L.? Was the first record better? Can they ever raise $700 00? Regardless, Blimp Rock has made a second album.

Blimp Rock will be embarking upon a 12 date “Powerpoint Tour of Ontario” starting on April 11th in Guelph, Ontario. Each show includes a Powerpoint presentation on BRE’s business plan, followed by a joke-based, sentimental pop concert.

Previous Release: “Blimp Rock” (ST)

3070192057-1Blimp Rock, the band’s self-titled debut, released April 23, 2013, was recorded and mixed by producer James Bunton (Evening Hymns, PS I Love You, Diamond Rings) and was performed by Robyn Letson (Sweet Home Wreckers), Claire Whitehead (Forest City Lovers, The Crybreak), Jess Tollefsen (Rouge), James Bunton and Peter Demakos.

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