Total Eclipse

435691366_18424898272020946_3448571262691416959_nToday was a surreal day!  It was neat to imagine so many folks all looking at the sky at the same time, with weird little cardboard glasses, whether it was a 98% coverage like it was for us in Guelph, or a total eclipse not so far away.  The sky dimmed, birds pause mildly confused, and if you were on my (Jenny)’s front lawn, the soundtrack was Wax Mannequin and the Burning Hell (of course).  We may be back to a regular sun by now, and we may have stopped staring at the sky but if you’re feeling nostaglic for just a few minutes ago, maybe this track will take you back.

Many LF! new releases are on the horizon – stay tuned!

Wax Mannequin & The Burning Hell SIDE B Total Eclipse Of The Heart

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