Radio Fantastic!









It’s been a strange pandemic!  Lots of music paused, some folks shifting creative gears (SO MUCH visual art for Jenny!)  And Jenny here at Label Fantastic! has taken on a bit of a new venture.  Or she’s trying it.  At least this one time.  Jenny is helping Wax Mannequin with his radio mailouts!  Because Jenny LOVES community radio!  And even though she works in community radio, her radio job doesn’t actually cross over with the music library at all.  She’s just come to know so many magical radio workers out there, and is just a huge fan of all music things independent and Canadian and scrappy and DIY and incredible and under the radar and Community Radio just does right by all of these things in such a wonderful way.  So she‘s dug deep, collected info from friends and colleagues, dug even deeper, and is determined to make sure every one in community radio land knows how awesome this new Wax Mannequin album is.  So we’ll see how this goes!  Hopefully you all get to hear it and enjoy it as much as we do!  Call your local stations! Request Wax Mannequin’s Red Brain!  It will appear at a station near you around its release date on April 14th, coming out on Coax Records.  We can’t wait!

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