Wax Mannequin’s “The Red Brain”

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Have you checked out Wax Mannequin’s “The Red Brain”, yet?  Want to hear a silver lining in the form of songs that reflect a brilliant neurodiverse human who was creating and performing weekly during a global pandemic, while holding down the fort with his beautiful family?  Planting seeds, and telling stories, wearing masks and strumming a guitar in his pantry while distorted coloured videos flashed across his face and body?  Leave it to Wax Mannequin to make something so special during such a trying time.  Find your way to one of his shows, soon.  We’ve listed some of the dates below!  He’s playing most (or all) of the new record at all of his upcoming shows, many of which are with a giant magical band.  Find him!  Don’t miss him!  And grab his record at waxmannequin.bandcamp.com

Upcoming shows: