Shopkeeper is the minimal rock project of songwriter Scott Haynes. His song-craft seeks to find the high drama in quiet isolation, drawing the listener close with a mix of plaintive introspection and inspired warmth. Haynes’ vocal delivery evokes the spare loneliness of artists like Jason Molina and Julie Doiron, while his guitar channels the haunted melodies of Martin Tielli. Accompanied on bass by Jenny Mitchell (Bird City, Jenny Omnichord) and drums by Steph Yates (Esther Grey, Cupcake Ductape) the three piece band mixes rock and folk with passionate economy. Shopkeeper released a debut record in 2014 called Terror Blessed and are currently writing new material for a new record.
“Haynes’ vocals veer from assertive to plaintive, shifting within the same song and making it impossible to  dismiss Terror Blessed as passive  listening … Even at his most suppressed or apathetic, Haynes’ voice never loses its insistent call …  whatever terror lies behind the title actually turned out to be a blessing for creating this intensity. “
- Eleni Armenakis (Grayowl Point)


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