Shopkeeper is a band of song singers assembled in the Ontario music hub of Guelph, Ontario. Scott Haynes (Bill Killionaire, Dutch Toko) formed the group in the fall of 2013 to showcase sets of
minimal folk rock songs he had composed the
previous summer. Steph Yates (Esther Grey) was
recruited to play the drums, and Alanna Gurr (Alanna Gurr & The Greatest State) was added on bass.
Bringing compelling vocals and emotive instrumentation to Haynes’ songs, these three musicians have built Shopkeeper into a powerful live act, drawing emotion and engagement from audiences in their short time as a band. Songs of love, loss, and
longing are brought to light not with dreary
seriousness to reinforce the gravity of the material, but with a triumphant spirit. Feelings of helplessness seemingly near breakdown give way to exuberance and epiphanies throughout.
“Haynes’ vocals veer from assertive to plaintive, shifting within the same song and making it impossible to  dismiss Terror Blessed as passive  listening … Even at his most suppressed or apathetic, Haynes’ voice never loses its insistent call …  whatever terror lies behind the title actually turned out to be a blessing for creating this intensity. “
- Eleni Armenakis (Grayowl Point)
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