New Release! Man Meets Bear releases “Waagaaskingaa”

We are please to announce we have collected a new artist and friend, the delightful Soren Little Brothers, known for his musical work in various awesome projects (such as the Funz) in multiple provinces and countries including BC, Quebec, and Germany.  We’ve got him down here in Southern Ontario with us for the time being and we couldn’t be happier.


Waagaaskingaa is the 18th and newest album by Man meets Bear, recorded in Kitchener, Ontario. Soren Little Brothers, the songwriter and only musician appearing on this album, is a professional ecologist studying the Great Lakes and their synergistic connections to the land and atmosphere. Waagaaskingaa explores some of the ecological concepts which come up in his research, as well as the mythology of Ontario, presenting a lattice of biology, spirituality, Ojibwe language, and other aspects of the Ontario landscape. The cover art is “Northern Painting 25/Northern Lake II” by Lawren S. Harris, a member of the Group of Seven. The distinctive Ontarian expression of theosophy inherent in much of Harris’ work provides a fitting counterpoint to the themes of Waagaaskingaa, and as such, the artist’s family gave permission for this image to be used as the album cover.

Spending the last ten years based out of cities such as Osaka, Montreal, Vancouver, and Berlin, Man meets Bear has collaborated with artists such as Dirty Beaches and Aidan Baker (of Nadja), among many others. Waagaaskingaa was mastered by Todd Macdonald (Norvaiza, The Winks), and its release will be celebrated by a brief tour of Ontario and Quebec.

Some acclaim for Man meets Bear’s previous album, Buffalo Comets:

Islands of beauty descend upon our memory before flashing through the unattainable grasp of our senses.” – Weird Canada

Beautifully crafted” – Gray Owl Point

“… these Buffalo Comets race across the sky like furry stars. Watch them burn, listen close, let them go.” – Luna Kafé

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Upcoming Waagaaskingaa tour dates:

June 21st Guelph with Toby Goodshank (The Cornerstone)
22nd Toronto with Norvaiza, Slight Birching, and Birdsacrosswater (The Central)
23rd Blyth with Slight Birching and TBA (Queen’s Bakery)
24th Brantford with Slight Birching and Dark Bird (house show of Paul and Sarah)
25th Guelph with Slight Birching and M. Mucci (Red Brick Cafe)
26th Kitchener with Slight Birching and Catlantis (Cafe Pyrus)
27th Montreal with Slight Birching, Make Love, and TBA (house show of Merida)
28th Montreal with Slight Birching, Brenden Orange, and Le Fruit Vert (house show of Andrew Forsythe)
29th Montreal with Slight Birching (early-4PM in-store show, Phonopolis Records)

They’re also listed here on facebook