Label Fantastic! adds Blimp Rock to the team!


Blimp ROCK!!!!!!   We have made brand new musical friends, and are sooooooo delighted to team up with them for this record.  It has been awhile since I have heard anything random that has made me this excited.  Because I have some seriously talented musical friends, and I thought that it might be impossible for a band to appear out of nowhere and immediately jump onto my favourites list without a prior connection.  But Blimp Rock did it!  I used to practice in Peter Demakos’ basement, and play in a band with Claire Whitehead having NO IDEA that all the while they were creating this incredibleness!  But once I found it, I knew we needed to throw our arms around these guys.  They are really just the best.  They sing about Blimps, and lifeguards, falling in and out of love and crushes, and the 1993 world series.  So darn talented.  Do your best to go see them if they are coming to your town.  Or even better, invite them to your town.  You will want to throw your arms around them too.


You can find out more about them here and you can buy the record here:

Upcoming shows: 

May 16th at Ebar, Guelph, ON (CD/Tape Release)
May 18th at The Garnet, Peterborough, ON