The Team

Mathias Kom – Media Relations

The Burning Hell

A ukulele-slinger and singer-songwriter who just turned thirty-two but only looks thirty-one, Mathias Kom has spent the last couple of years playing music across Canada, Europe and Israel. Whether with his 13+ member circus folk orchestra The Burning Hell, with Kim Barlow as Spring Breakup, or all by his lonesome, occasional history teacher Kom has won hearts and ears with his tragicomic baritone tales of woe and whimsy. He’s also in charge of media relations for Label Fantastic! So heads up, media: Mathias can relate to you.

Chris Adeney – Traveling Salesman

Wax Mannequin

Wax Mannequin has been here for something like one hundred centuries, but right now, Wax Mannequin is the only knife-face. He is the fighter. He is roses out of his skin that bleed him as he pulls. But most important, he is music of the biggest fight style. It’s where you punch and slice your own dying stuff into fresh, ripe meats for selling and sharing. It’s where you give everything you had for an instant in his arms. Because he can seriously change the way you feel inside.

Jenny Mitchell – Distribution, Information collector

Jenny Omnichord

Jenny Omnichord is the alter ego of 25 year-old Jenny Mitchell, also a member of notable indie bands The Burning Hell and The Barmitzvah Brothers.  While Jenny plays many instruments, the omnichord, forgotten marvel of the 1980’s, is her first true love.  With two critically acclaimed albums under her belt – Cities of Gifts and Ghosts, and Charlotte or Otis: Duets for Children, their Parents, and Other People Too – Jenny Omnichord continues to captivate new audiences with her skills in unlocking her instrument’s secrets, and her trademark insightful songwriting.  Her new album – her first with a full-band -  is set to be released May of 2010.