Label Fantastic! is now booking shows and tours!

It’s true!  Jenny Mitchell of Label Fantastic! has been assisting in the booking of her tours for years, and has now taken the reigns to do it officially and efficiently.  Her first official booked-entirely-by-her tour this past November for Bird City and Shopkeeper was a huge success – fifteen shows in fifteen days, from highly respected bars, to alternative art spaces, to the basements of teenagers in the suburbs.  They had somewhere to stay every night, they made all of their money back and then some (including close to $1200 in flight costs) with tons of homemade meals along the way.  For two bands that have NEVER toured before it was an incredible feat.  The next hurdle is music festivals!  We are soooooo excited to represent so much amazing talent, it will be fun to see how many festivals think they’re as great as we do.  We’ll see!!!

“Birdkeeper” tour and Shopkeeper’s new release sooooo soon!!!

wolf and venus square for web

Bird City (of Jenny Omnichord, Barmitzvah Brothers) is venturing out of her hidden musical home life to hit the road to the east with Guelph’s best all-star-under-the-radar heartbreaking band Shopkeeper. Shopkeeper is fronted by songwriter Scott Haynes and surrounded by Steph Yates (of Esther Grey) and Alanna Gurr (of Alanna Gurr and the Greatest State) They will have a brand new record for the road and they are honestly one of the most amazing bands you almost definitely haven’t seen yet. Bird City has pulled together a 16 song 14 year retrospective collection of bedroom recordings, new unreleased material, and tracks of Bird City-like moments from previous projects. They’ll have these albums for sale, and probably other magical merch. There are about eighteen shows in 16 days, stretching from Southern Ontario to Newfoundland and back again. Some of these folks have never played some of these cities so we reallllly hope you can make it out. Here are the shows so far (all are Bird City and Shopkeeper unless otherwise stated. Other bands mentioned are additional to Shopkeeper and Bird City):

Saturday November 8th: The Tranzac, Toronto Ontario w/ Jose Contreras!!!

Sunday November 9th: Wasted Space, Oshawa (Next Winter Festival)

Monday November 10th: Grumpy’s, Montreal – Chick pickin’ Mondays (Note: This show is Bird City, Alanna Gurr and Steph Yates but NOT Shopkeeper)

Tuesday November 11th: House show, Rothesay NB

Wednesday November 12th: Jazz Guys, Sackville, NB w/ Julie Doiron!!!

Thursday November 13th: Gus’ Pub, Halifax NS, w/ Cactus Flower and Nap Eyes!!!

Friday November 14th:  Prescott St. House show – Shopkeeper, Jenny Omnichord and Max

Saturday November 15th: Early evening show at Fixed St. John’s, NL – solo performances by Scott Haynes, Jenny Mitchell, Steph Yates and Alanna Gurr

Sunday November 16th: The Ship, St. John’s, NL w/ Alanna Gurr backed by Green and Gold!!! w/ Bird City, Rube and Rake and Lady Brett Ashley

Monday November 17th: The Rose and Thistle St. John’s, NL w/ “Imposter Grey” – a special St. John’s version of Esther Grey!!! Ilia Nicoll and Shopkeeper!!

Tuesday November 18th: The Levee, St. John’s NL, w/ Bird City, Shopkeeper and Green and Gold!!!

Thursday November 20th: The Capitol, Fredericton, NB w/ CFL Sessions (Henry Svec)

Friday November 21st: Le Cagibi, Montreal, QC w/ Swag Train (Renee Deschenes)

Saturday November 22nd: Raw Sugar, Ottawa ON, w/ Richard Laviolette!!

Sunday November 23rd (MATINEE): The Garnet, Peterborough ON w/ Nick Ferrio

Sunday November 23rd (evening): The Cornerstone, Guelph ON

To keep updated as to any amendments or additions you can follow the event on face book at


Shopkeeper is a band of song singers assembled in the Ontario music hub of Guelph, Ontario. Scott Haynes (Bill Killionaire, Dutch Toko) formed the group in the fall of 2013 to showcase sets of minimal folk rock songs he had composed the previous summer. Steph Yates (Esther Grey, ex-Hinidar) was recruited to play the drums, and Alanna Gurr (Alanna Gurr & The Greatest State) was added on bass.

Bringing compelling vocals and emotive instrumentation to Haynes’ songs, these three musicians have built Shopkeeper into a powerful live act, drawing emotion and engagement from audiences in their short time as a band. Songs of love, loss, and longing are brought to light not with dreary seriousness to reinforce the gravity of the material, but with a triumphant spirit. Feelings of helplessness seemingly near breakdown give way to exuberance and epiphanies throughout.

Shopkeepers debut album will be released on Label Fantastic! and Little Room Labs on November 18th!

Out Today! Tyson’s “Casio Fiasco”, co released with Guelph recording dream team “Little Room Labs”

4_Panel_1_PocketWe are really REALLY excited for this one.  Label Fantastic! has been pretty lucky with the beautiful variety of artists we’ve managed to collect – recent releases have ranged from the computer-generated country-folk of Henry Svec’s project “Livingston”, to the perfect pop orchestration of Pink Moth to the lush and swooping Canadian landscape of Man Meets Bear.  But Label Fantastic!’s inaugural artist Jenny Omnichord has been getting kind of lonely over in the synths and keyboards department.  Until NOW.  May we present you with “Tyson” a one-man-keyboarding-pop sensation.  Known primarily for his exceptional powers with a gameboy, this album brings Tyson to a whole new level of keyboard domination and pop production.  It’s a treasure, he’s a treasure, and we are so pleased to get to team up with Little Room Labs for our second co-release together.  Do you guys know how coveted the music is that’s coming out of Little Room Labs?  Every little indie label in the area would LOVE to get to throw their names on the magic that comes out of that studio, and as soon as the music hits the streets the big labels will be chasing them too.   We definitely know how lucky we are.

TODAY, Tyson will release his debut album, casio fiasco, on hand-printed compact disc. the celebrations will begin with a pizza party. then our dear friends blimp rock, fresh back from their european tour, will dish out a fine set + powerpoint presentation. the newly assembled tyson trio, featuring steph yates on bass and dan paillé on the kit, will then cap off this early evening affair. this is going down at silence, 46 essex st, guelph. details here. join us, why dontcha.

CASIO FIASCO is LRL06, co-presented by us over here at label fantastic! be prepared to fall in love with this album’s multi-coloured strange-pop landscape. tyson has really pulled up his studio socks with this one, showing off his reverberating ankles and his keen sense of sonic adventure. you’ll sink with him to mean, dark places; you’ll dance with him through the neon fog of anxiety; you’ll float with him to soft, pink cloud castles.

to preview some tracks from the album (available online next week), check out tyson’s interview with chelsea of THE FLANNEL HOUR : TUES AUG 05 2014, 3 PM.


New Release! Man Meets Bear releases “Waagaaskingaa”

We are please to announce we have collected a new artist and friend, the delightful Soren Little Brothers, known for his musical work in various awesome projects (such as the Funz) in multiple provinces and countries including BC, Quebec, and Germany.  We’ve got him down here in Southern Ontario with us for the time being and we couldn’t be happier.


Waagaaskingaa is the 18th and newest album by Man meets Bear, recorded in Kitchener, Ontario. Soren Little Brothers, the songwriter and only musician appearing on this album, is a professional ecologist studying the Great Lakes and their synergistic connections to the land and atmosphere. Waagaaskingaa explores some of the ecological concepts which come up in his research, as well as the mythology of Ontario, presenting a lattice of biology, spirituality, Ojibwe language, and other aspects of the Ontario landscape. The cover art is “Northern Painting 25/Northern Lake II” by Lawren S. Harris, a member of the Group of Seven. The distinctive Ontarian expression of theosophy inherent in much of Harris’ work provides a fitting counterpoint to the themes of Waagaaskingaa, and as such, the artist’s family gave permission for this image to be used as the album cover.

Spending the last ten years based out of cities such as Osaka, Montreal, Vancouver, and Berlin, Man meets Bear has collaborated with artists such as Dirty Beaches and Aidan Baker (of Nadja), among many others. Waagaaskingaa was mastered by Todd Macdonald (Norvaiza, The Winks), and its release will be celebrated by a brief tour of Ontario and Quebec.

Some acclaim for Man meets Bear’s previous album, Buffalo Comets:

Islands of beauty descend upon our memory before flashing through the unattainable grasp of our senses.” – Weird Canada

Beautifully crafted” – Gray Owl Point

“… these Buffalo Comets race across the sky like furry stars. Watch them burn, listen close, let them go.” – Luna Kafé

For more information, contact

Upcoming Waagaaskingaa tour dates:

June 21st Guelph with Toby Goodshank (The Cornerstone)
22nd Toronto with Norvaiza, Slight Birching, and Birdsacrosswater (The Central)
23rd Blyth with Slight Birching and TBA (Queen’s Bakery)
24th Brantford with Slight Birching and Dark Bird (house show of Paul and Sarah)
25th Guelph with Slight Birching and M. Mucci (Red Brick Cafe)
26th Kitchener with Slight Birching and Catlantis (Cafe Pyrus)
27th Montreal with Slight Birching, Make Love, and TBA (house show of Merida)
28th Montreal with Slight Birching, Brenden Orange, and Le Fruit Vert (house show of Andrew Forsythe)
29th Montreal with Slight Birching (early-4PM in-store show, Phonopolis Records)

They’re also listed here on facebook

Pink Moth’s new record “Eclipsed” out today on Label Fantastic!

front cover-300dpi-grey_UpsampleFinal-Michael

So as the huge fan of Pink Moth that I am (and I am a HUGE fan) I am extremely excited to announce this release.  The album was written in Berlin and mixed by Label Fantastic!’s best friend Andy Magoffin (Great Lake Swimmers, Constantines, Jim Guthrie)  at the House of Miracles in Cambridge .

Pink Moth has 7 releases under their belt before this one, one full-length and an incredible six-EP series.  As far as I am concerned they have never written so much as one bad song, and by extension they have earned the title of “most consecutive repeats in my car”.  I’ve been anxiously awaiting this new release for a year now, and even as I am typing this I feel like it’s that moment that happens sometimes in the company of  your musical friends,the last moment you get to write about a band as though they’re your own personal secret gem before they explode to having the kind of success that if it weren’t for the date stamp on your web post, you wouldn’t actually be able to convince yourself they were ever unknowns.  If all goes well, if this record gets the exposure it deserves…well, I honestly don’t even think I can wrap my head around all the possible explosive outcomes of that.  I’m going to anxiously await that too.  Please track this record down, please watch the videos and circulate!  This shouldn’t be kept  secret.

Pink Moth has three album release shows over the next three days. Tonight (March 26th) they will be at the Piston in Toronto with label mate Jenny Omnichord and “The Island Years”.

Tomorrow (March 27th) they’ll be at the APK in London with Eric Howden and Taylor Holden.

Friday March 28th they perform in Oshawa at “Wasted Space” with The Island Years and Clara Engel.  Stay tuned for more dates soon!

Here are videos for two of the singles off this new record.

Video for “Lines”

Video for “Eclipsed”

Livingston is officially released! And new releases are coming soon…

henry's circuit diagram







It’s officially released!  Dr. Henry Adam Svec’s “LIVINGSTON: Artificially intelligent Folk Songs of Canada” is making the rounds to great reviews!   Wondering what exactly this project IS?  You can read the full-set of FAQs as well as download the album at   Here are two of the basic answers:


LIVINGSTON is an artificially intelligent, digital organism capable of accessing the totality of the history of Canadian folk music (among other corpuses) and generating new yet hyper-authentic Canadian folk objects via her/his algorithmic agents and compression formats. LIVINGSTON does not produce sound, only transcriptions of lyrics and harmonic progressions (with supplementary recording instructions) to be interpreted and performed by humans.

Where was LIVINGSTON made? Who made LIVINGSTON?

LIVINGSTON is the product of collaboration between the Canadian folklorist and song collector Dr. Henry Adam Svec and the Czech programmer and computer scientist Mirek Plíhal, who were artists-in-residence together during the spring of 2013 at the Klondike Institute of Art & Culture in Dawson City, Yukon. Although the two initially came to Dawson to work on their own individual projects (Svec on a collection of Klondike “attempted murder ballads,” Plíhal on an iPhone app about Newfoundland), it turned out they were both interested in questions of archivization and integrity. Thus, they pooled their talents and time in an effort to build something that might matter.

Here are a whole bunch of reviews.  This album is worth collecting!


Pink Moth

On March 25th we will be releasing Pink Moth’s incredible new album “Eclipsed.  Stay tuned for more info and show dates.  In the meantime, check out the video for the title track here:


A new release: LIVINGSTON – Artificially Intelligent Folk Songs Of Canada, Vol. 1. Plus a new artist, a mini tour, karaoke and some new music videos!

henry's circuit diagram

THE RELEASE: We here at Label Fantastic! are pleased to announce that our dear friend Dr. Henry Adam Svec has once again unleashed a piece of Canadian musical history, under the title: ” LIVINGSTON – Artificially intelligent Folk Songs of Canada Vol. 1″ .  While Henry’s last release  ”Folk songs of Canada now” saw him collecting renditions and reinterpretations of our Canadian songs of old, Henry is now MAKING history, playing a key role in the development a folk-music -creating-super-machine.    We’ve listed some more information about “LIVINGSTON”  at the bottom of this post.   You can download the album for free (or purchase with a donation) here:   Henry will be doing a series of presentations throughout February and March, and joining him on a number of the shows will be Jenny (Omnichord) Mitchell with her new tenor guitar/banjo project “Bird City”.  Jenny has been working on the songs of Bird City over the course of the last fifteen years, always pushing the project to the side.  But she has recently kicked it into gear – read a bit more about her project here

Here are the LIVINGSTON show dates (# marks the shows joined by Bird City):

  • # Feb 12th @ Art Bar, Hamilton, ON (in Folk Roots Stew)
  • # Feb 13th @ Cafe Pyrus, Kitchener, ON (in Folk Roots Stew)
  • # Feb 15th @ Bicycle Cafe, Flesherton, ON
  • # Feb 19th @ The Cornerstone, Guelph, ON
  • Feb 21st @ Raw Sugar Cafe, Ottawa, ON
  • Feb 22nd @ The Artel, Kingston, ON
  • Feb 23rd @ Casa Del Popolo, Montreal, QC
  • #* March 6th @ Tranzac Main Hall, Toronto, ON
  • March 7th @ NORTH BAY ONTARIO, venue TBA
  • March 28th @ Forest City Gallery, London, ON (with Olenka Krakus and some other folks TBA)

# with Bird City!
* For March 6th show, Henry will be joined by the Vol. 1 Band!

Golden Throats karaoke man tshirt designTHE KARAOKE- Jenny and her karaoke loving friends the “Golden Throats” have started a bi-weekly karaoke night at the ANAF in Guelph Ontario.  But it is not simply your basic selection of classic mainstream super hits – The Golden Throats are collecting and programming a catalogue of “Indie Rock karaoke”.  The catalogue is already pushing 100 songs, and is growing with each event.  The current collection includes such artists as Jim Guthrie, Wax Mannequin, Shotgun Jimmie, Constantines, the Burning Hell, and Great Lake Swimmers.  Interested in having your songs turned into karaoke?  Well I bet WE’RE interested in that too.  For more info, event dates and to get in touch,  check out their facebook page here:

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 11.06.59 PM

MUSIC VIDEOS: Blimp Rock, Jenny Omnichord and Esther Grey have posted some pretty incredible music videos over the past little while.  So here are some links!

Blimp Rock: “The Love that Treats you Right”

Jenny Omnichord: “…and in the Cold”


Esther Grey: “The Body of a Healer”

Don’t forget to like all these folks on their respective facebook pages!  It’s the best way to stay up to date, and plus it helps them with things like grant applications.  Handy things, those’likes’

Now: More about LIVINGSTON:

Featuring work produced by the sentient database LIVINGSTON, Artificially Intelligent Folk Songs of Canada, Vol. 1 is the culmination of years of research in both Canadian folklore and computer science. What if we had a digital machine that could access the entirety of Canadian folk music and generate new yet hyper-authentic compositions from the source data? Thanks to this exciting collaboration between Canadian song collector Dr.Henry Adam Svec (The CFL SessionsFolk Songs of Canada Now) and Czech programmer Mirek Plíhal (Všechny Milí Lidé), there is no longer any need to wonder.

An intelligent archive is already an achievement. Yet, LIVINGSTON only producestranscriptions of words and melodies, and so our engineers also needed to put together a band. Fronted by Svec himself and featuring Misha Bower (Bruce Peninsula), Marshall Bureau (Octoberman, The Pinecones), J.J. Ipsen (Hayden, Jim Guthrie), Andrew Penner (Sunparlour Players), and more, these human musicians have breathed life into LIVINGSON’s brilliantly cold calculations; from rough hollers and stomps to smooth-country croons, from the sparse sounds of the field to the sparkle of Andy Magoffin’s House of Miracles Studio, Artificially Intelligent Folk Songs of Canada, Vol. 1 documents the limits and possibilities of Canadian folksong—a record as wide and as varied as our land and/or the internet.

Download the music for free or for money via, where you can also access tour dates and the FAQ, and stay tuned for Vol. 2 (sung by Olenka Krakus) and Vol. 3 (sung by Mathias Kom).

Facebook links:


So many Fall tours and a Fall Release

1276935_524801134268470_1738510862_oFriends, there is SO MUCH EXCITEMENT GOING ON OVER HERE.

Firstly, we are about to do a co-release with our dear friends over at the brand new label “Little Room Labs”!   We are releasing “Esther Grey”‘s debut 7″!!!  And they are an absolutely FANTASTIC band.  So it is a perfect fit.  Really really really excited about this, it is impossible to hear this band and not add them to your favourites.  You can check out some of their music on their Band Camp page here:

Secondly, right now Label Fantastic Co-founders Mathias Kom and Wax Mannequin are at an insanely incredible musical summit in the Yukon.  Our honorary Label-ite Richard Laviolette is there too!  Along with our fantastic musical best friends Construction and Destruction and Shot Gun Jimmie and Mike Feurestack, and a bunch of other awesome people.  It is being put together by You’ve Changed and Headless Owl Records.  It’s called “The Cost of Doing Business” and you can find out more about it here:     And YES I’m insanely jealous.  Of COURSE I am.  Because it sounds like it’s pretty much the best thing ever.  Make us proud, friends!

Richard Laviolette and Jenny Omnichord and Wax Mannequin and Esther Grey AND Blimp Rock ALL have a bunch of shows coming up.  SO MANY CHANCES TO SEE FANTASTIC LABEL FANTASTIC! BANDS!!!  I listed as many as I could track down down below on the post here.  There’s lots of overlap, some of us even sharing bills, so make sure you have your calendar ready!  A couple of us are headed all the way to the East.  Lots of us are playing Ottawa.  If I could find a way to be everywhere at once, even if it was a magical power that expired after one month, this November is the month I would use it.  Holy Moly.

Jenny Omnichord Fall wander:

20 OCT – Toronto ON – 918 Bathurst St- NXNE & Broken Pencil “Sex and Death” themed event at Canzine
10 NOV – Guelph, ON – Ebar, with Geoff Berner and Bob Wiseman
15 NOV – Ottawa ON – Raw Sugar with Richard Laviolette and the Glitter Bombs
16 NOV – Montreal QC – Afternoon show at La Belle Epoque with Richard Laviolette and the Glitter Bombs
21 NOV – Kitchener ON – Pyrus Cafe with Richard Laviolette and the Glitter Bombs
23 NOV – Halifax, NS – TBA
28 NOV – St. John’s, NL – Eastern Edge (as Bird City) as part of Words in Edgewise
29 NOV – St. John’s, NL – Nautical Nellie’s
30 NOV – St. John’s, NL – TBA

Esther Grey Fall Spook Tour

25 OCT – Guelph, ON – Kazoo Masquerade at The E-Bar with The Famines / Marine Dreams / Start Something
26 OCT – Montreal, QC – Le Cagibi with Apple Blue / tba
27 OCT – Québec, QC – Les Shows de Grenier attic show with Sarah Jane Johnston
28 OCT – Rimouski, QC – Le Bien le Malt
29 OCT – Moncton, NB – La Patente house show with tba
31 OCT – Halifax, NS – Hallowe’en house show with tba
01 NOV – Sackville, NB – Pickle’s Deli with tba
03 NOV – Ottawa, ON – Pressed with S.Ayton / tba
08 NOV – Toronto, ON – Long Winter show at The Great Hall
15 NOV – Kitchener, ON – Cafe Yeti with Battle Wolves / Familiar Fiends
16 NOV – Brantford, ON – Copoc Coop with Familiar Fiends
23 NOV – London, ON – special venue with tba

Richard Laviolette and the Glitter Bombs Fall Tour

8 NOV – TORONTO // Izakaya Sushi House (294 College St ) // w. the SPOILS
9 NOV – GUELPH // ANAF (32 Gordon St.) // w. Light Fires
14 NOV – KITCHENER // Pyrus Cafe (16 Charles St. W) // w. Wax Mannequin and Nika Smith
15 NOV – OTTAWA // Raw Sugar Cafe (692 Somerset St W) w. Jenny Omnichord
16 NOV – MONTREAL // Aft:La Belle Epoque w. Jenny Omnichord // Eve: tba(help?)
21 NOV – KITCHENER // Pyrus Cafe (16 Charles St. W) w. Jenny Omnichord and tba

Blimp Rock

9 NOV – Guelph, ON – Jimmy Jazz with Tyson and his Gameboy

Wax Mannequin Fall Shows:

October 5th 2013 – October 15th 2013 Whitehorse / Dawson, Yukon at Headless Owl Yukon Congress – Yukon Arts Centre (Whitehorse) DCMF (Dawson City)
October 18th 2013 North Bay, ON at Raven & Replublic
October 26th 2013 Brantford, ON at Two Doors Down
November 2nd 2013 Sudbury, Ontario at Townehouse Tavern BUY TICKETS
November 8th 2013 Hamilton, Ontario at This Ain’t Hollywood BUY TICKETS
November 23rd 2013 Owen Sound, Ontario at Norma Jean’s


Label Fantastic teams up with Andy Swan to release “Eternity Blues” by ‘the Michael Parks’!!!!

eternity blues dog universe reduced

So excited about this one folks!  Over here at Label Fantastic! we’ve been fans of Andy Swans for YEARS!  He’s just the most crazy prolific song writer.  Everything he creates is gold!  And he creates soooo much!  So you can imagine our excitement when he finally said he’d join forces with us for this release.  We are very very happy to have him.  He’s got three release shows this weekend which we’ve listed below, and you can download a digital copy of his newest release for FREE at this site:  BUT special for these shows there will be limited edition one-of-a kind cd copies that Jenny made for Andy.  Each cover is different – you can have your choice of different moments with the universe.  Welcome to label fantastic! Andy Swan!  Everyone go check out his amazingness!










Ottawa is Friday June 28th at “Pressed” with Piet Masone
Toronto is Saturday June 29th at the Tranzac with the TWO MINUTE MIRACLES!!! (EEP!) -

Guelph is Sunday June 30th at Van Gogh’s with the Two Minute Miracles!!!

Label Fantastic! adds Blimp Rock to the team!


Blimp ROCK!!!!!!   We have made brand new musical friends, and are sooooooo delighted to team up with them for this record.  It has been awhile since I have heard anything random that has made me this excited.  Because I have some seriously talented musical friends, and I thought that it might be impossible for a band to appear out of nowhere and immediately jump onto my favourites list without a prior connection.  But Blimp Rock did it!  I used to practice in Peter Demakos’ basement, and play in a band with Claire Whitehead having NO IDEA that all the while they were creating this incredibleness!  But once I found it, I knew we needed to throw our arms around these guys.  They are really just the best.  They sing about Blimps, and lifeguards, falling in and out of love and crushes, and the 1993 world series.  So darn talented.  Do your best to go see them if they are coming to your town.  Or even better, invite them to your town.  You will want to throw your arms around them too.


You can find out more about them here and you can buy the record here:

Upcoming shows: 

May 16th at Ebar, Guelph, ON (CD/Tape Release)
May 18th at The Garnet, Peterborough, ON