Blimp Rock

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Toronto’s Blimp Rock is a pop-concept band that sings about Southern Ontario, having crushes and lifeguard conspiracy theories. Founded for the sole purpose of raising $700K to purchase a functioning airship for a music festival that will take place over Lake Ontario, the band is desperately seeking exposure in hopes of generating hype and finance for this important blimprocklowresphotoproject.

Just another day at the office of Blimp Rock Enterprises (Joshua Luckhurst)

Capitalizing on the accessibility of pop music, Blimp Rock has created a sound that is proud to please. With witty lyrics that have been distilled from countless revisions and a painstaking passion for telling the truth, the lines of Blimp Rock are at once fantastical and strangely profound. In between verses, memorable lead guitar hooks not only put the “Rock” in “Blimp Rock” but they may just put the “Blimp” in it as well.



Blimp Rock, the band’s self-titled debut, released April 23, 2013, was recorded and mixed by producer James Bunton (Evening Hymns, PS I Love You, Diamond Rings) and was performed by Robyn Letson (Sweet Home Wreckers), Claire Whitehead (Forest City Lovers, The Crybreak), Jess Tollefsen (Rouge), James Bunton and Peter Demakos.

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Upcoming Gigs:
November 9th at Jimmy Jazz w/ Tyson and His Gameboy

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Contact Info:
73 Muir Ave
Toronto, ON M6H 1E9
Phone: 647 853 4181